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Dear vethia,

Where, oh where did you get a stuffed Paopu fruit?! I need one!

I actually need just about every piece of Kingdom Hearts anything that I can get, but... I need ^ that ^ most of all.

as small as our little community is, i am very proud today. why, you ask? because ihatesora just got its first flame. isn't it touching? here, i'll reprint it for posterity:

2006-04-24 11:45 am (local) (link) DeleteFreezeScreen Select
go piss on a tree you asshole. Sora is the main character, if you don't like him, than don't play the game.

you suck

as warm and fuzzy as this makes me feel inside, it's an example of why we have rules. if the baby troll had taken a moment to RTFM, he or she would have noted that this community is meant for people who love kingdom hearts despite--not because of--its dimmest-crayon main character. this is a place for people who are fascinated by roxas, axel, riku, the organization, language as a metaphor, the twilight town crew, fighting with leon and cloud, auron x hades, whatever: anything from kingdom hearts that makes you grin but isn't sora.

i've frozen the troll's comment, so please don't try to reply or incite a flame war (the post was anonymous, so you probably wouldn't get far anyway)--believe it or not, i hate drama, and it won't be tolerated here. this is just a post to let everyone know how loved we are: someone took the time out of their day to leave an anonymous flaming comment. rock on, my friends. rock on.
All this time, I've been trying to put my finger on exactly WHAT it was that bugged me so much about Sora....


I think Mary-Sue should be another type of being...like, Heartless, Nobody, Mary-Sue. It would be what happened when a body and a heart were left without a mind.
I love Kingdom Hearts, but Sora is a pussy. A PUSSY I TELL YOU. He's all, "You make a face like this! *makes face*" and then Mickey Mouse bitchslaps him for being an idiot.

Plus, I wonder how dejected he felt when he realized that he wasn't the Keyblade's first choice.
hi. this is the "i hate sora" community. if you love sora from the top of his spiky hair to the tips of his elongated toes, turn around and walk away. we don't serve your kind here.

if on the other hand you want to punch something every time sora gives the screen that goofy grin, this is the place for you. i'm jay, your snark-enabled moderator.

have at it.